McChicken Cruelty


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Raise awareness of the extreme suffering endured by chickens raised and killed for McDonald's

Misery for McDonald's chickens

It's time for McDonald's to eliminate some of the worst abuses from its chicken supply chain. Please sign our petition and make a stand for animals.


The agonising existence of chickens raised and killed for McDonald’s

Every year, hundreds of millions of chickens are raised and killed in order to become McChicken Sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets and 'Happy' Meals. These poor creatures, raised for parts such as their 'breasts' and 'wings', suffer immensely throughout their short, tragic lives. Below are some examples of the awful abuse they endure.

In constant agony

Chickens raised for McDonald's are selectively bred to grow so big and fast that their organs and legs struggle to cope with the enormous strain. Some die from heart attacks, while others become unable to walk and die a slow painful death due to starvation.

Crammed into dark sheds

Tens of thousands of unnaturally large chickens are packed into each dark shed. These poor animals struggle to move around, each having less space than an A4 piece of paper. Their living conditions are so bad that they're barely, if ever, able to carry out some of their most natural behaviours such as perching and dust-bathing. This lack of stimulation adds to the chickens' extreme misery.

Forced to lay in their own waste

The sheds are not cleaned out for the entire lives of the chickens, meaning they are forced to sit, eat and sleep in their own waste. As many of the large birds are too heavy to stand, the ammonia-filled litter burns their skin, resulting in feather loss and other painful issues. The unchanged litter also causes the air to become putrid, stinging the birds’ eyes.

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The images used on this page represent typical UK farms that raise chickens for meat.